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Should the B2B company in iGaming take care of CSS?

As a full-service iGaming company, EvenBet Gaming always is about to help along each step of the way. Our operations, turn-key development and professional services divisions support your gambling projects of all sizes. 

Is it a right approach or is it just a waste of time and energy?

The success of your business is entirely dependent on the success of your customer. If customers succeed using your product, they’ll continue keeping up their LTV, and thus, your business will continue scaling and getting more respectful.

At its core, that’s what Customer Success (CS) is all about:
We ensure our customers achieve their desired outcome while using any type of our Online Poker solutions. Of course, pulling that off requires CSM's 24/7 online, stable processes maintenance, and, most importantly, data security. After all, how can you help your customers succeed using your product if you don’t follow the operations they are using?
That’s why CS requires:
- Implementation of regular software updates
- Real-time visibility of system output operations (BackOffice)
- Players activity monitoring as a combination of usage data and contextual inputs

Strong retention provides a hard, high floor for growth in the subscription economy. Customer Success Management is the only way to keep that retention alive. 

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Ivan S.
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Let me know your thoughts on CSS in iGaming!