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Wh8 Group, specializing in one-stop entertainment platform, provides customers who have not yet established their own brand, seven product types, cooperates with more than 30 international game platforms, and breaks 10,000 games to meet all your needs. Wh8 product advantage Wh8 Advantage 1 . Quickly unlock and play yourself: scan your face, fingerprint, gesture to unlock, unlock and quickly log in in one second. Speed locks! fun in second. – Scan face, fingerprint or pattern to unlock 2. Smart I have AI intelligent customer service: minimize operating costs and give customers the best experience. Smart as me! AI Customer service: Provide best service experience, reduce operation cost 3. Enjoy entertainment anytime, anywhere: iOS, Android, H5, 10,000 games, you can enjoy happiness at your fingertips. Unlimited Fun! Enjoy game anytime and anywhere: Support iOS, Android, and HTML 5 all mobile devices. 4. CGPay virtual currency payment system: adopts a public blockchain payment system with a 100% success rate in seconds and high data security. CGPay! Virtual currency payment system: 100% success rate, the data is highly secure. 5. Complete data management background: Use extremely intelligent data analysis system to keep abreast of the latest news of members. Easy Operate! Smart data management back-end: Smart data analysis system, one click to control player behavior tendency. 6. Powerful defense system: The global CDN defense anti-attack architecture system provides you with the most stable line use environment. Powerful defense! Global CDN Defense against attack Architecture System: Provide stable network environment. 7. Action background: Manage between your thumbs and make decisions thousands of miles away, allowing you to do business around the world and keep abreast of the latest data status anytime, anywhere. Moving control office! Back-end can view in any mobile advice, control your business in anywhere. 8. Global infrastructure sites: thousands of node lines at home and abroad around the world, effectively solving sudden and large numbers of random query attacks, and safeguarding network security at any time convoy. Global Infrastructure Site! Thousand global node lines: More efficiently to solve sudden attack to protect network safety. In order to create a win-win situation, work with the host to work together. The three months before the opening of the station, the fee discounts are all in Vietnam, Thailand or the popular Indian market For more information on popular games in the market, please contact Wh8 Group for consultation

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