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Level Guard

Level Guard
Safer than South East Asia now because: 1, As long as your online casino operation is not targeting local then you are more likely being considered as 'BPO' rather than casino operator; 2, Dubai is an international business hub in middle east, it is diversified means that even you live in Dubai for a long time people think you are there doing business, the other way around, if you stay in Philippines for a long time people think you are definitely in casino industry; 3, Dubai - it is safer than most South East Asian countries, few crimes happened in daily life, even the gaming companies moved there are more compliant than the ones stay in South East Asia, gambling company staffs feel safe staying in Dubai; 4, A more convenient environment - more international restaurant, shops and entertainment that staffs can enjoy. So, yes it is safer than South East Asia. There is another important reason why they are moving to Dubai is it is way cheaper than Philippines! Although that Dubai is way better developed than Manila but when it comes to gamble industry especially online casino, locals didn't realize offshore gambling industry is a big cake yet, so no matter the landlord, restaurant, local government, tax and law administrators, or rental fee, license fee etc they are still cheaper than Philippines, this is why there are more and more casino operators move to Dubai. - My name is Phan, a Vietnamese casino media officer, only introducing the most trustworthy casinos stories to you. -