About the difference between online contractors and building teams (the most complete answer)

The difference between building a studio and an online contractor:

1. Product stability: Only a few mature products are recommended by Baowang, and the products have been tested by the market; the construction team can basically accept most of the projects, and many products are source code from Taobao or not available. In the market, the stability is poor.

2. After-sales work: There are a lot of products to build a team, and many of them are products that have not been run online, and there are many maintenance problems; online package providers usually have a mature after-sales service system and provide 7 × 24 hours of maintenance. Baowang products have been updated and iterated for many years, so there will be basically no bugs that affect operations after the products are launched.

3. Cooperation security: The online package providers with a long period of time have dozens to hundreds of technical teams, and they have a certain reputation in the industry and are more reliable in cooperation; the team can be formed by three or five people, and the team operation ability is not good. Assessed, the risk of running is high.


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